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An Interview Podcast Where we discuss ghost stories, old places, and general spooky goings-on. Our Logo is By: Kaitie Vugteveen-Kennedy Find Her At: www.facebook.com/artsycaykedesigns Theme Music By: JuckFood2121 at freesound.org

August 5, 2020

TPB 26: Dorian Deathly’s Deathly Dark Tours

DEATH BUS, DEATH TOURS, GHOSTS, DASTARDLY DEEDS! What does all this equal? Well, it equals the really quite charming persona of one Jamie aka DORIAN DEATHLY (insert lightning noises here). Tune in...IF YOU DARE. 


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Their mission is based on the belief that people with disabilities have the right to the same privileges and responsibilities as other citizens. They know that communities are better when everyone is included. (Copyright Maddison Edge 2018) 

Logo By: Kaitie Vugteveen-Kennedy

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